Thought of Today: February 25, 2018 at 07:11PM

Every biological male is a female with an early, transforming-enough dose of testosterone.


Thought of Today: February 24, 2018 at 10:01AM

I find the statement: “To be unrestricted by the location of the studs, you will need several good quality anchors” to be metaphorical of life.

Thought of Today: February 22, 2018 at 09:25AM

This is how history should look like:

1791 – 2nd Amendment
1862- machine gun invented
1863 – 2nd Amendment repealed

Thought of Today: February 20, 2018 at 10:03AM

Toxic habits in relationships:
1. Scorecard
2. Hints
3. Blackmailing using commitment to relationship
4. Blaming partner for own emotions
5. Jealousy
6. Using money or trips to solve problems
7. Expecting happiness
8. Expecting pleasure
9. Expecting traditional roles
10. Adhering to Stereotypes

Thought of Today: February 19, 2018 at 09:50PM

A masjid is an empty room, well lit by natural light, empty walls, good carpet, and if you have been in anything else, you have not been in a mosque.

Islam is minimalistic in Design.

Thought of Today: February 14, 2018 at 10:53AM

Urban landscapes are mostly ugly because they are designed by engineers instead of artists and designers.

Aesthetics are no less a priority than functionality.

W Design and Development

Thought of Today: February 11, 2018 at 05:37PM

Vegan I am increased 600% in the US over the past 10 years.

450% in UK

6% of US population now is vegan.

Methane produced by cattle is one of the major Global Warming factors.

Eat more vegetarian food. If it doesn’t taste good, consult an Indian.

Thought of Today: February 09, 2018 at 10:40PM

If a 100 of the Tesla Gigafactory are built, it will provide all energy needed in the world with clean energy. No more fossil fuel.

Cost = $5 billion x 100 = $500 Billion

Cost of climate change in the US alone by 2060= $44,000 Billion

Thought of Today: February 07, 2018 at 10:45AM

Mark Zuckerberg:
Net worth = $37.5B
Car worth = $24,000
Cloth worth = $40 (jeans and T-shirt)
Lesson: live below your means,
Car and cloth are not important

Warren Buffett:
Net Worth = $52B
Home cost = $26,000
Still lives in it since 50 years.
Lesson: Home is where you are comfortable. Choose modest living for peace of mind.

Net Worth = $380 M
Spends on Jewelry and makeup = $0
Used only gifts
Lesson: hack life with freebies

Ingvar Kamprad:
Net Worth = $2.8B
Founder of ikea
Always Uses both sides of a paper
Eats in ikea stores all the times
Lesson: use what you got. Don’t waste.

Michael Bloomberg:
Network = $34B
Has two pairs of work shoes.
Gets them resoled and reheeled instead of buying new ones.
Lesson: nothing wrong with cutting down unnecessary expenses.

Jay Leno:
Networth= $294M
Works two jobs. Saves one salary.
Lesson: discipline yourself for saving.

T Boone Pickens (BP)
Networth = $1.25B
Followed strict shopping list and only carried enough cash to buy what is on the list to stick to his budget.
Lesson: have a budget and don’t deviate

Elon Musk
Networth = $10.6B
Trained himself on living on a $1 per day before he left his job to become an entrepreneur and focus on his dreams.
Lesson: cut expenses and be ready to live on nothing

Steve Jobs
Networth = $5.7B
Never bought a new winter coat since he didn’t think he would use one enough to make him buy a new one.
Lesson: only buy what you really need

Thought of Today: January 31, 2018 at 02:20PM

United States Motto:

“e pluribus unum”

out of many, one since 1776

Replaced in 1956 by Eisenhower to become:

“In God We Trust”

A violation of Separation between Church and State?

“In Zorach v. Clauson (1952), the Supreme Court also wrote that the nation’s “institutions presuppose a Supreme Being” and that government recognition of God does not constitute the establishment of a state church as the Constitution’s authors intended to prohibit.”